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Digital Art is not only about making Painting or Coloring, it is the art of capturing of Organic/Non Organic Elements and Process of Making Marketing Elements around you on the Digital Platform. With sharp skills and the right training, you can work in Exhibitions, advertising agencies, animation studios, gaming companies, television channels & film production companies, and have a high-paying career. It will be a right decision to pick this career after 12th Class.

Students from the field of Graphics, Animation, Architecture, Applied Art and other form of Commercial Art can also join in for Skill Development in basic drawing and free hand sketching.

Special Highlights

  • A/C Class Rooms
  • Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Artistic Atmosphere
  • Regular Exhibition Visits
  • Updated market Knowledge
  • Interaction with Contemporary Artists
  • Out Door Trips for Sketching & landscape
  • Theory Notes
  • Guidance on regular projects
  • Guidance to develop your professional portfolio & demo reel
  • 100% job placement assistance*

Detail of DFA Course:

Sem 1


    1. Free hand Drawing 
    1. Objects and Nature study 
    2. Different Techniques: 

Proportion, Volume, Visual Perspective, Eye Level & Vanishing Point, Horizontal and Vertical lines, Bold and Rhythmic lines, Relationship between lines, Value and Texture, Sketching from different Angles.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor sketching. 
  2. Medium – pencil, charcoal, dry pastel, pen and ink.


  1. a) Introduction to various techniques. 
    b) Study of foreground and background with drapery.
    c) Texture study with different materials like cloth, wood, glass, 
    bronze, mirror, china clay, terracotta, etc. 
    d) Selection and arrangement of objects. 
    e) Eye level, source of light, tonal variation, composition. 
    f) Drawing from different angles
  2. g) Details about light & shades. 
  3. h) Medium – Graphite pencil, pencil colours, oil pastel, charcoal, acrylic colours, oil colours.


  1. Mosaic
  2. Relief Work 
  3. Fresco
  4. Wall Painting


  1. a) Free hand drawing of human figure to study proportion. 
    b) Stick drawing and Block drawing. 
    c) Basic anatomy, Head study from different angles.
    d) Full figure study. 
    e) Quick sketching and Finished sketching. 
    f) Sketching practice of different parts of body 
    g) Different models for age specific characters 
    h) Detail life drawing study on full sheet.



  1. a) Outdoor trips for landscape study. 
    b) Selection of artistic view with picture frames. 
    c) Detail study of variation in sunlight. 
    d) Addition and elimination, simplification, eyelevel and 
    Vanishing Point. 
    e) Perspective, balance and rhythms in composition. 
    f) Study of Cityscape and Seascape 
    g) Medium -Graphite pencil, charcoal, crayon, water colours and oil colours.


  1. a) Technical details, measurements. 
    b) Detail study of skull, character and expression.
    c) Use of models for practice. 
    d) Super realistic portraits through graphic techniques. 
    e) Medium -Graphite pencil, charcoal, dry crayons, water colours and oil colours.
    f) Anatomy Study.
    g) Face Expression.


  1. a) Detail study of different trees, leaves, flowers. 
    b) Outdoors trips for nature study. 
    c) Medium – Graphite, pencils, oil pastels, pen and ink, pencil colours, water


(a) Principal of design, distribution of space. 
(b) Importance of line, tone, texture, colour, form, content.
(c) Negative and Positive Designing
(d) Design exercise in different media.
(e) Different figurative composition practice
(f) Medium – Graphite pencils, Acrylic colours, Poster colours.


  1. H.B. Pencil & Shading pencils.
      1. Charcoal
      1. Pencil Colours
      1. Oil Pastels
      1. Water Colours
      1. Oil Colours
      1. Acrylic Colours

THEORY- Part- I What is Art? 

      1. Indian Art 
      2. Western Arts

Sem 2

Still Life

Self arrange composition
More Artistic Object
More Detail in different Texture
Medium –Graphite Pencils , Oil colours or Mix Media

Life Drawing

Detail Full sheet practice
Drapery Study
Medium – Graphite pencils , Charcoal ,Oil colours


Live Portrait Practice
Super Realistic details
Different Creative Experiments
Medium – Graphite pencils ,Pencil colours ,Acrylic colours ,Oil colours


Use of Nature Objects In Paintings/Outdoor Practice
Work on creative composition theme or series
Medium – Graphite pencils ,Water colours, oil colours


Detail Practice on Different composition
Imaginative composition
Abstract Composition

Abstract Art

Abstract Painting
Semi Abstract painting
Modern Painting ,Texture painting
Medium – Oil colours ,Acrylic colours ,Mix Medium

Study of Great Master work

Study of different techniques
Own Style Presentation

Sem 3

Modules Tools
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
Web Designing Concepts
UI / UX for Responsive Design
Typography Design
Illustrations for Web Adobe Illustrator
Creating Artworks CorelDraw
Layout Design Adobe Photoshop
Web Animation using Animate CC Adobe Animate
Web Design Portfolio

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Course Highlights

      • Basic of fine arts
      • Drawing
      • Shading
      • Painting
      • Illustrations
      • Applied Art

Career options after PCFA

      • Painter
      • Set Design Artist
      • Portrait Artist
      • Publisher
      • 2d Animation
      • Visualizer

Eligibility & Duration

      • Eligibility: 10+2 (Arts/ Science/ Commerce)/ college students
      • Duration: 2.5 Year
      • Fee range: Rs. 2,00,000

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