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ARC School of Art is one of the pioneering Fine Art Institution for education in India. The School today stands in the prime location of Delhi, which has all the departments of BFA exam coaching, BFA, MFA & Fine Art Hobby Classes. It is also one of the leading VFX institute. The college has undergraduate and postgraduate programs with BFA and MFA degrees.

The world today is changing at a very fast pace and the techniques of learning and responding to that change are very important for our future students. The future belongs to those who make the right decision in selecting the right college /university which transforms their knowledge and gives them experience with a couple of opportunities. Students are eager, ambitious and ready to challenge the current situation if they are given the right knowledge like BFA exam coaching. Our programmes are inspired by a culture of disciple and focus which results in the graduates that are confident. We know that students have the potential to make the real difference if appropriate training is provided. Our training transforms the students into Graduates that are confident. We know our students have the potential to make the real difference in the real world.

Every year we see how students are struggling to get admission in college, day by day it is getting difficult for parents as well as for students to get admission in colleges. Entrance tests, interview rounds, mock rounds, fees structure, and donations are some words which on parent’s and student’s mind. This is today’s fact, that many parents don’t afford to pay fees and students end up taking loans and at the later stage they struggle to pay Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). But all our dear Students and Parents we are here to help you out to make your career with all modern facilities and well known experienced and knowledgeable professors who also act as mentors with personalized training. Also, we facilitate students to pay fees on bi-monthly, quarterly or half-yearly intervals so that every student gets an opportunity to learn and churn his /her future at one of the best fineart institutes in Delhi.

Once you have joined the college, you will feel this is your second home. As it has all the facilities which every student dreams of which includes AC/Non AC rooms, well-maintained rooms, and friendly rooms with projector facility. Apart from this college is situated at the prime location which connects to the metro line and Bus routes which are convenient for travel. It is also surrounded by some of the well-known malls which are frequently used by students on their weekends. The hostel is also situated on the campus wherein we provide 24/7 service.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) qualifies with the basic knowledge about corporate life and real life. A graduate can attain ample career opportunities and perform the differential roles. Other than BFA exam coaching we also provide courses in following

  • Bachelor in Fine Art
  • Master in Fine Art
  • Certification Fine Art

Graphic Design course covers topics like typography and type design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, signage design and corporate identity systems. Traditionally Graphic Design was taught using physical objects and drawing tools. But at ARC school of Art graphic design is taught using traditional technics as well as using latest software in the field of computer graphics, multimedia and web design using software like Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Combustion.

The students come from all parts of India  which creates multi-cultural environment which is beneficial for successes full career. Every Year we give a number of prizes to students for their achievement in their studies and overall activities. Apart from that we also give the Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Foreign Trips on the basis of merit.

ARC School of Art provides an ample amount of facilities in the field of new generation of Education like BFA exam coaching, FineArt all underone roof.  Students are free to choose their field and if there is any dilemma in selecting the course our professors will help them to decide as per students’ knowledge and interest in the respective field.

For every students college life is the most important phase of their life. For students, we have organized different activities like playgroups, group activities, dramas, debating where they can impart practical knowledge and later on apply them at their workplace. Other than that there are ample amounts of Extra Curricular activities, Guest Lectures, Industry Visit which is all part of the curriculum.

We have tied up with renowned brands which not only hire students but also support students through industry visits. Every year almost all the students get employed through our institute with a decent salary.

So come and join us to build your future in the field of Fine Art, BFA, MFA, and BFA exam coaching in one of the pioneering institutes of India and the best in Delhi.

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